How we are different?

With so many online "Therapy" platforms what 

separates Telebehavioral Health.US from the crowd?

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First and foremost, we are actually a healthcare organization and not a software company like the other "therapy" platforms

Here are a few other differences

  • All our services are covered by insurance including Medicare and Medicaid

  • We have a relationship with our providers and provide direct and indirect clinical oversight

  • We aren't misleading about our services and you will find zero disclaimers anywhere on our website explaining why it is not in fact therapy

  • We don't "cherry pick" our clients with unnecessary client restrictions leaving many in need without access to care

  • We are not a software company

  • We will integrate care with your other providers and supports

  • We don't make our clinicians sign disclaimers saying they will not "diagnose, treat or provide recommendations for treatment."

  • We can actually say, "Same Therapy." Have you ever noticed how the Platforms use phrases like, "meet with a therapist," "see a counselor," or "chat with a therapist?" It's because what they are providing isn't really therapy. 

  • We are a replacement for therapy because we provide therapy (just ask your insurance company)

We'll just let them explain it for us.....