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We are hiring 100% Remote Outpatient Therapist Subcontractors in

Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, California, Idaho, and Colorado!! 

Join us in our mission leveraging technology, to improve workforce conditions, increase access to care and end the disease burden in the US

Job Description - Outpatient Therapist Subcontractor (LMSW/LCSW)



Telebehavioral Health.US is looking to partner with subcontractors to help reach the 40 million people a year in need of behavioral health services who are not able to access these services.  It is our mission to increase access and reduce barriers to evidence based mental/behavioral health treatment  to the 111 million Americans living in Federally Designated Mental Health Provider Shortage areas. Telebehavioral Health.US offers a unique opportunity for clinicians to join a “turn-key” semi private telebehavioral health practice, with a desirable clinical split, flexible hours, and a work from home model. Outpatient Therapists provide clinical psychotherapeutic outpatient services to adolescents, and adults with identified mental health or substance abuse diagnosis. Clinicians will help meet the specific mental health needs of the clients as pertaining  to their diagnosis. Services are provided using  HIPAA compliant Video Telecommunications and can be provided in-home, in-office, in-school or other approved/appropriate settings. Outpatient therapy includes psychoeducational activities/interventions designed to assist the client in the reduction of dysfunction and functional impairment. Evidence-based services are provided with client-centered and family-centered approaches and are delivered through intensive, time-limited, goal specific interventions.


  • To provide therapeutic interventions to the identified client in order to enhance and foster the client’s optimal functioning and interactions in the home and community and in regards to their health. To continually assess client needs, service availability and appropriateness

  • To work cooperatively with treatment team members and the family in the provision of services to meet the goals developed in the Person Centered Plan.

  • To coordinate client’s treatment with other providers involved in the client’s care

  • To provide the appropriate documentation for service delivery including treatment goals, progress notes and billing and submit said documentation as specified by Medicaid, Medicare and other Third Party Payers as well as laws and professional ethics 

  • Clinicians are responsible for assisting in marketing efforts


  • Must be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LMSW/LCSW) in good standing

  • Available for 30 hours a week. 

  • Must have at least two years of experience in an outpatient practice setting

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