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Online Therapy

The same as "in-office" therapy ....

It is the same outpatient therapy you would receive if you visited your therapist at their office. Research shows therapy provided online has similar outcomes to its "in-office" counterpart. 

Also called.....

Telemental Health


Online Therapy




More convenient...

Less expensive for those paying out of pocket...

Having more options....

From scheduling to choosing a provider, Telebehavioral Health increases options to the consumer. 

It means no more driving to see your therapist or even having to take time off work. At the time of your appointment your therapist will call you through our HIPAA compliant video platform and you will meet with your therapist in real time and face to face from the comfort of home. 

Covered by most insurance companies...

 and is considered an accepted form of healthcare delivery that can provide a range of benefits to patients and their families, providers, organizations, and society as a whole.

The low overhead costs of telebehavioral health allows us to pass on the savings to those with a high deductible or no insurance and are paying out of pocket..  

Telebehavioral Health Is.....


It is our commitment ...



Telebehavioral Health.US

to provide innovative, evidence-based, outcome oriented and compassionate behavioral health services that honor each person's neurodiversity.

We are dedicated to increasing access and reducing barriers to effective, affordable and evidence based behavioral health services. 

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