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Same Therapy,

Different Couch.

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More than a slogan, it's also the definition of "telemedicine." As a digital healthcare organization we are required to provide the same services online as our patients would receive if we saw them in person. 

This means, as part of our services, we are required to provide each patient with

  • a psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis

  • a person-centered treatment plan

  • evidence based treatment with a licensed clinician

  • and with patient consent coordination of care with other providers and recommendations for accommodations based on medical necessity

Our Therapists...

Our licensed mental health clinicians are each an integral part of our clinically supported behavioral healthcare team.


Click on their pictures to get to know them better. If you have a favorite and want to let them know, click the heart on their image.

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Not quite "ready" for therapy?

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We understand...

Thinking about change can be overwhelming. Did you know that roughly 80% of people who enter therapy are not quite ready to "change." Not feeling "ready," is totally normal and rest assured, our clinicians are trained in numerous evidence based models designed to specifically meet you in your stage of change. 

Because change is kind of like  learning to play guitar....

Our therapists understand that showing you a new therapy skill one day and expecting you to be able to use it immediately is like handing someone an electric guitar and expecting them to be able to play if perfectly right away. Your therapist will identify coping skills that build off your strengths and will guide you in increasing your awareness and ability throughout your sessions together.