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Overwhelmed by news? Here's how to cope with Current Events Anxiety.

With the seemingly endless barrage of news and global shifts that 2020 has brought, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by everything happening around you. However, current events anxiety can be lessened significantly by using a few simple anxiety-reducing methods, limiting the amount of information you consume on a daily basis, and reaching out for support.

1. What is Current events anxiety?

While anxiety can come in many forms, with various levels of chronicity, anxiety about current events, also known as “headline anxiety” is specifically brought on by prolonged exposure to negative news. While it is normal to be experiencing stress and anxiety right now, the body will eventually experience negative effects, such as depression or difficulty sleeping.

2. What are some ways to help with Current events anxiety?

Thankfully, there are many ways to learn to manage current events anxiety! These include exercising, practicing deep breathing, and reaching out to loved ones. Journaling about your experiences may also prove effective for creating distance from the news, and helping you to gain perspective on the situation. If your anxiety is chronic, seek out help from a licensed clinician.

3. How much news intake is too much?

Finally, consider limiting your intake of news, and resort to one or two reliable sources for information. If you do feel the need to check the news, remember to fact check articles that seem to increase your anxiety dramatically. While it is important to keep up with current events, remember that your priority is your own mental and physical health!

If you'd like to book an appointment with any of our clinicians, or to learn more about coping with anxiety, please click here.

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